MONDEKO Design Brokers  was born of the desire to provide designers,
architects, labels, and of course, consumers, with a carefully curated
portfolio of furniture products and services, including ornaments and art
works, which embody the essence of the space that houses them.

We have carefully curated a range of original luxury products, all of which can be customized.


Interior Design

We collaborate and consult with each of our clients on their unique vision and requirements, in order to come up with design proposals, which we then manufacture and assemble.

The quality in our designs and materials make our products stand out from the rest. Whether in a mall or a shop, their look is just unique.

Furniture Design and Manufacture

We collaborate and consult with clients in the conception of furniture for commercial interiors and exteriors, for which we then take care of the design and manufacture.

Not only do we take care of the creative and aesthetic side of things, we also manufacture prototypes and carry out quality control tests of each product before delivering it to our client, for whom we also offer an after-sales service.


We work together with distinguished artists and galleries to curate pieces that make a real impact on their exhibition space, not only due to their artistic merit, but also thanks to their ability to enhance the essence of the space itself.

In addition to the works in our catalogue, we offer our clients the chance to collaborate with artists in order to create unique pieces, which perfectly complement the needs of their space.


Outdoor Furniture

Our outdoor furniture catalogue features exclusive collections, created by renowned designers, whose modern designs blend cutting edge technology with traditional hand-crafted techniques.
We offer a range of ways to customize your product, from the selection of fibers and fabrics to exposed metals and coverings.

Commercial Furnishings

We make exclusive pieces for  businesses; we also have a range that meets the standard requirements for  pharmacies and opticians, which can be adapted to any space.


The label “Made in Italy” epitomizes what we have to offer when it comes to lighting.

Our collections feature modern, custom fittings, as well as unique designer collections.